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Welcome to our Official American Kung Fu Academy website!

We would like to welcome you to our friendly martial arts studio that is now celebrating it’s 16th year anniversary!

We are dedicated to providing the foremost in quality Kung-Fu instruction that emphasizes individual achievement of health in both mind and body.  American Kung-Fu Academy is delighted to bring you authentic Chinese Martial Arts instruction in a traditional manner but with a modern flavor.

Our purpose is to furnish you with a distinct and systemized program from which you can obtain many benefits.

At American Kung Fu Academy we strive to instill three qualities in our students:


Holding someone or something with higher regard.

At American Kung Fu Academy respect is our first value. We believe that without respect for one's self, one's elders, one's peers, one's teachers, and one's family it is impossible to cultivate the type of growth necessary to excel. However, respect does not stop here. We should strive to reach a higher plane of understanding. This means we should earnestly attempt to understand other people, cultures, religions, values, arts, and ways of life. This better understanding will foster tolerance among people whether young are old. We all have a right to be here and disrespect is not tolerated here.


The quality one posesses to be modest and politely submissive.

Our second value, humility, teaches us another important lesson. It is never acceptable in life to be boastful, arrogant or rude. This is even more true at our school. We should always strive to be proud of what we do while being careful to not consider ourself better than or on a higher level than anyone else. Everyone who does anything can improve upon that talent in some fashion. While it is true that some people have natural talents and abilities they too must learn to be humble.


A calm, controlled behavoir.

While discipline is our third value it should not be considered a lower value. In fact, all of them carry the same amount of importance. Discipline will carry you far in any aspect of life. At our school you must remain disciplined. Coming to class, setting aside time to practice when not in class, stretching daily, and all of the other things we discuss in class require discipline on the part of one's self. Remember that all of our black sashes were white sashes that did not quit. This is because they were able to respect one another as well as themselves, remain humble enough to listen to what they were learning, and disciplined enough to keep coming back!